After-Sale Service


Subtitle Description

1.Training services

To provide users with  product commissioning and technical training services;

Training services

2.Maintenance services

if the product  problems, you can communicate with the sales staff online, real-time to solve the problem;


(1) When the customer reflect the product quality, the salesman communicates with the customer in real time. The customer needs to provide the product picture, video or sample, and the salesman will report the information to the quality inspection department.

(2) Through the customer's pictures, video or samples, QC test the authenticity of the products, when confirm our products appear quality problem, the quality inspection department write a quality inspection report, submitted to the superior review and sign it.

(3) According to the damaged products, the company shall make reasonable compensation to the customers. To change the product or to give a discount for the next batch of goods.

Maintenance services

3.Damage protection

Responsible for the supply of damaged parts.

Damage protection

4.Transportation services

To product transportation service

Transportation services

5.Our goal

we strive to satisfy all needs of clients which indcude pre-dales serveice, technicial support and after-sales service. Our aim is to establish ong- term business relationship with clients, at the same time.

Our goal